Camp Necon 41: A LEGENDARY Dais Announcement (Plus Other Important Stuff, Too)!

Dear Campers,

Please don’t get me wrong — we always sharing Camp Necon news. But sometimes, the news is better than others, and this is one of those times.

Circumstances have allowed for us to expand the Camp Necon 41 Dais of Guests and honor a third Camp Necon 41 Legend this year. Believe me when I say, this person has been on our short list for this distinction for far too long, and her beyond enthusiastic reaction more than made my week! So, without any further ado, we are thrilled to announce …

Short and sweet, Sèphera — thank you for accepting our invitation and allowing us to bestow upon you this long-overdue honor. More importantly, thank you for everything you have always done, and continue to do, for the Camp Necon Family.

I teased some “other important stuff,” but frankly, nothing is more important than this Legendary news! Still, since I’m a man of my word …

• Shameless plug, but it’s not too late to register to join us this summer! In fact, thanks to our awesome partners at UMass-Lowell, it’s NEVER too late; we can add Campers right up to, and beyond, the start of the convention! Please click the following link to enjoy the four best days of summer with our tribe!

• Even if you can’t make it, we are always happy to accept donations to the Camp Necon Goody Bags! Once upon a time, publishers used to overwhelm us with contributions on a yearly basis; of course, once upon a time I also had hair, and I’m not exactly holding my breath on that front, either …

As such, over time the Goody Bags have evolved into more of a DIY enterprise, or perhaps more accurately DIO (Do It Ourselves). To be clear, the Bags are always literally a “grab bag,” so no one needs to feel obligated to donate 200+ items. If you have literally any quantity of anything you’d like to contribute — from books to bookmarks to pens to buttons to postcards to shot glasses (and yes, those went over VERY well!), by all means, we’d welcome and appreciate your contribution and will distribute them across as many Goody Bags as possible!

However, we also recognize that many of you are traveling a great distance to attend, and therefore bringing swag with you can be problematic. As such, we’re happy to offer the following alternatives to schlepping your contributions amidst your luggage!

If you can arrange for a delivery to arrive on or after Monday, July 17th, UMass-Lowell has offered to accept shipments directly to the Conference Center for us (did I mention how awesome they are?). So long as your materials can arrive the 17th or later, please feel free to ship them directly to —

Camp Necon 41
c/o the UMass-Lowell Inn & Conference Center
50 Warren St.
Lowell, MA 01852

If you need to send us your materials earlier, the estimable Mike Myers has offered to receive Goody Bag shipments and bring them with him to the con (I KNEW there was a reason we like him so much!). If you have any concerns about your contribution arriving in time, please feel free to send them to Mike at the following address anytime between now and the convention —

Camp Necon 41
c/o Mike Myers
41 Deer Run Rd.
Bellingham, MA 02019

Thank you all again so much, but most of all, once again, thank you, Sèphera; the honor is truly ours!


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