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Since there are a finite number of rooms available, please expect to be paired with another Camper. If you don’t have someone in particular with whom you’d like to share a room, we’ll gladly pair you up with someone. Single rooms MAY be made available after July 1, 2018 for an additional charge IF space allows.
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• FULL REGISTRATION — Complete Membership, including Room & Board (3 Nights) and Full Access to all Necon 38 Programming and Events — $475.00
• WALK-IN REGISTRATION — 4 Days, Full Access to all Necon 38 Programming and Events, No Room & Board — $100.00
• MEMBERSHIP DEPOSIT — A downpayment towards Full Registration. PLEASE NOTE — this deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, but may be rolled towards a future Necon registration, forwarded to another Camper, or converted into a Walk-In Registration — $100
• REMAINING BALANCE — Chose this option if you have already purchased your MEMBERSHIP DEPOSIT and want to pay the remainder of your FULL REGISTRATION — $375.00
• PRE-PAID AT NECON 37 — Please select this option if you already paid your balance for Necon 38 in full at Necon 37 (and then ignore the "Process Payment page where you'll be directed after sending us your registration form).
FULL ($475.00)WALK-IN ($100.00)DEPOSIT ($100.00)BALANCE ($375.00)PRE-PAID ($0.00)

Please complete this questionnaire if you’re interested in being used on Official Necon 38 Programming (i.e. Panels or Kaffeklatches)!
(In order to be used on Official Programming, you MUST be registered by July 1, 2018!)

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HorrorFantasyCrimeSupernaturalScience FictionParanormal / Urban FantasyHumor

I have personal / professional experience in the following fields that may be of interest and useful during programming (ex: legal expertise, medical expertise, martial arts expertise, experience working with cadavers, specific fields of academic / literary study, etc.):

Any other notes you’d like to share or programming you’d like to suggest for Necon 38:


  1. Am I supposed to mail in the registration, with a check or not? It’s not clear.

  2. Is walk-in registration just that: I can walk up to the door and pay to get in? Or does that need to be done in advance, too?

    • Yes, it means exactly that — you can most certainly just walk up and pay. It’s $50 per day, payable upon arrival, OR $100 to come and go as you want all weekend (which can be purchased either in advance or on site). Walk-In registrations receive FULL ACCESS to all Necon events, programming, etc.; you just can’t sleep at the hotel or eat in the cafeteria. Hope you can make it!

  3. Richard S. Gerlach

    I’m an aspiring fiction writer. Do you have to have previously published material to attend? Or is it open to unpublished authors as well? (I’m hoping to have some short fiction published soon.)

    • Hi Richard,

      Short and sweet, Necon is open to EVERYONE! More importantly, as an aspiring writer, I cannot recommend highly enough that you join us this summer. I promise that you will spend four days speaking with, being encouraged by, and learning from other writers who span literally every stage across an author’s career. After all, we were all where you are at one point (some of us not too long ago!)

      I hope this helps and I hope to see you in July!

      – Matt Bechtel

  4. How is walk-in registration handled? I sent in an application yesterday via the online form. Are email acknowledgements sent? I’d hate to assume that I have a place reserved and find out next summer that oops, nope–we never got your application.

    • Hi Elaine! I sent you an email yesterday, but the short answer is YES, I can confirm you’re all set as a walk-in for Necon 38. Please feel free to email Sara or me with any questions. Thanks! – Matt

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