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Since there are a finite number of rooms available, please expect to be paired with another Camper. If you don’t have someone in particular with whom you’d like to share a room, we’ll gladly pair you up with someone. Single rooms MAY be made available after July 1, 2016 for an additional charge IF space allows..
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 Due to health issues I need to be on the 1st floor
*** (NOTE: Please only check this if there is a health issue as there are a limited number of rooms on the first floor.) ***

• FULL REGISTRATION — Complete Membership, including Room & Board (3 Nights) and Full Access to all Necon 37 Programming and Events — $475.00
• WALK-IN REGISTRATION — 4 Days, Full Access to all Necon 37 Programming and Events, No Room & Board — $100.00
• MEMBERSHIP DEPOSIT — Down payment towards FULL REGISTRATION; may be refunded prior to June 1, 2017, otherwise may be applied towards registration to a future Necon — $100.00
• REMAINING BALANCE — Chose this option if you have already purchased your MEMBERSHIP DEPOSIT and want to pay the remainder of your FULL REGISTRATION — $375.00
 FULL ($475.00) WALK-IN ($100.00) MEMBERSHIP ($100.00) BALANCE ($375.00)

If you were referred to Necon by another camper, please name them here and we'll refund them $20 for spreading the word about our convention!

Please complete this questionnaire if you’re interested in being used on Official Necon 36 Programming (i.e. Panels or Kaffeklatches)!
(In order to be used on Official Programming, you MUST be registered by July 1, 2016!!!)

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 Writer Artist Editor Agent Publisher Filmmaker

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 Horror Fantasy Crime Supernatural Science Fiction Paranormal / Urban Fantasy Humor

I have personal / professional experience in the following fields that may be of interest and useful during programming (ex: legal expertise, medical expertise, martial arts expertise, experience working with cadavers, specific fields of academic / literary study, etc.):

Any other notes you’d like to share or programming you’d like to suggest for Necon 36:

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