A Few Brief Words About
the History of Camp Necon
(Over 40 Years and Proudly Counting!)

Our Founder Bob Booth, pictured at Necon 1

Please allow us to be honest — when you’ve been around for as long as Camp Necon, you’ve got a lot of history to be proud of and to celebrate. Despite our long-standing adage that, ‘Whatever happens at Necon stays at Necon!” we encourage you all to head to Google or Facebook; you’ll be sure to find an impressive array of blogs, posts, and picture galleries compiled by individual Necon Campers who simply couldn’t help but celebrate and share their memories!

For easy reference, we’ve also created the a year-by-year overview chart of the history of the convention. The following chart lists the Chairperson, location, Writer Guests of Honor, Artist Guest of Honor, Toastmaster, Roastee and Legend of each year. To learn exactly who has filled those roles at Necon, and in what years they filled them, please simply click the link below.