The Northeastern Writers’ Convention’s Official Security Policy

The Northeastern Writers’ Convention, lovingly a.k.a. “Camp Necon,” is proud to be considered one of the best (and most fun!) annual gatherings for writers, artists, editors, agents, filmmakers, book dealers, book collectors, and fans alike. We are often referred to as “the Necon Family,” and we consider that phrase amongst the highest compliments we regularly receive.

But we also consider it a responsibility, because just like with any family there’s nothing we won’t do to keep ours safe. And we are extremely proud of our thirty-seven year (and counting!) history in this regard.

Officially, and for the record — The Northeastern Writers’ Convention, along with our partners at the Baypoint Inn & Conference Center and Roger Williams University, has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY regarding any and all potential security issues that could impact our attendees. This policy includes, but is not limited to: all forms of assault (including sexual assault); all forms of harassment (including sexual harassment, discrimination of all kinds, and bullying); theft; and any behavior whatsoever that in any way, shape or form makes any attendee uncomfortable or fearful for their own safety. We implore any Necon Camper with any such concerns to please bring them to the attention of a Necon Committee Member so that we, along with our partners at Baypoint, RWU, and (if necessary) the local authorities, can rectify the situation immediately.

Lastly, as they say, it takes a village — thank you to all of our regular attendees for everything YOU do to make Camp Necon a truly “safe haven” for creative people to meet and enjoy each other’s company every summer!

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