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We are thrilled to be welcoming Kristina Carroll as our Artist Guest of Honor for Necon 37! Please enjoy the following collection of work samples from her portfolio she was kind enough to allow us to share on this site!

Kristina Carroll is an award winning illustrator, fine artist and portrait artist. She specializes in art with a Fantastic, Surrealist and Symbolist aesthetic with a focus in Figurative work. While she loves many medias, oil and charcoal are her preferred weapons of choice and she strives to master both the art of color and black and white imagery. Kristina has discovered a second love in education and has taught a variety of art and illustration courses at several universities. In addition to teaching traditional classes, she works with Strathmore Artist Papers and Gamblin Oil Paints running workshops in colleges all around the New England area.

Kristina is also the force behind the popular Month of Love and Month of Fear art challenges that are now entering their third successful years. These challenges attract some of the top artists in the industry and allow them to push their art to new heights with inspiring themes and community support.

Kristina’s clients include: Wizards of the Coast, Alderac Entertainment Group, The Shelburne Museum, IDW, Realms of Fantasy, Fantasy Flight Games, Catalyst Game Labs, Michael Publishing.

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Samples from Kristina Carroll’s portfolio are forthcoming;
in the meantime, please visit her site at

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